Planting trees in the UK!

    We’re proud members of the Woodland Carbon scheme, a great initiative run by the Woodland Trust.

    Planting trees in the UK to capture atmospheric carbon. We’ve been members of the scheme since 2014 and last year we created 24m2 of new woodland at one of the Woodland Trusts accredited UK sites. SD’s Managing Director Stuart comments the scheme is successful partly because it’s easy to communicate how it works. We pay an additional charge, calculated by the Woodland Trust on top of our paper purchases, which then intern funds the planting of new woodland. We can add the Woodland Trust logo to your artwork as well as calculating the carbon that has been captured in your job to communicate your green credentials.

    Recycling Scheme

    Do you have old brochure, letterheads or other paper based products that you need recycling? We offer a recycling collection scheme to all current and prospective customers that will ensure the paper is recycled rather than ending up in landfill. Please call us to arrange.

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